Global HR

Hire using Crew EOR in the United States, India or LatAm safely and securely. Crew acts as your one-stop shop for managing onboarding, payroll, taxes, and compliance



Generate and kick-off the onboarding process using Crew with the latest required documents specific to each country


Payroll & Benefits

Pay your employees using a consolidated platform with local rules and regulations accounted for. We’ll handle withholdings, deductions and benefits



We keep you updated with the latest developments in rules and regulations and adapt your paperwork to ensure compliance at all times. We help keep your IP protected


Simplified Communication

Singular point of contact appointed to your account for all questions

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What is Crew?
Crew is an AI powered hiring and global HR platform that enables to you to painlessly hire and onboard top talent globally
What is the salary range for devs on Crew?
Salaries depend on skill set and experience level of the developer. This can range from $2k/month for entry level engineers to $16k/month for highly experienced engineers with unique skillsets
Are candidates employees of Crew?
Candidates hired via Crew can be contractors or employees depending on your requirements. Crew handles all legal, compliance, and payment related workflows
Are candidates available for both part time and full time contracts?
Yes. Crew can source candidates for either part-time or full-time depending on your needs and requirements
What types of devs are available through Crew?
We offer a range of data scientists and developers including full-stack, front-end, and back-end engineers
Is there a trial period?
We offer a 7-day trial period with contractors. We will rematch you with a new candidate if the contractor does not meet your expectations.

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